How many miles of roads are within the township

The trustees are responsible for maintaining 21.63 miles of roads.

Rules for New Driveway Culverts

At the October 6, 2008 meeting of the Richland Township Board of Trustees it was decided to adopt the following rules concerning the installation of new driveway culverts:

1. Driveway culvert pipes must be 8 inches in diameter (or larger) and at least 30 feet long.

 2. The property owner provides the stone and culvert pipe for new driveways.

 3. The Trustees must inspect the installation to see that the proper type and size of pipe are used.

Some residents have asked about filling in the ditches in front of their homes. A ditch must be deep enough to accommodate a tile measuring six (6) inches or larger in diameter to allow water to run-off roadways effectively. The trustees should be contacted for inspection before any such project on a township road is initiated.